For decades the Saling capillary is the leading FBS device on the market. This capillary ensures the longest anti clotting performance and leads to a blood column with the least amount of air bubbles. Applying this capillary requires training and skilled personnel. The assortment of FBS products encompasses various devices for single use such as: amnioscopes, light sources, blades, paraffin gels and other devices. These articles are available as single product or as complete set to be used for one FBS procedure for one patient. All sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. 


The MBO / FBS capillary is intended to collect a blood sample of the unborn child during delivery. With this blood sample the pH of the childs' blood can be measured which provides an indication of the oxigen level. Based on the outcome the physisian can decide to perform a cesarian section. This medical device was developed by dr. Saling in 1967 and is regarded as the best capillary for its purpose compared to non-glass capillaries. The device consist of a glass tube, a cotton thread impregnated with Heparine and a suction tube to assist the capillary function in case of high viscose blood. The anti-clotting performance is unprecedented and has to do with the high capillary performance of the glass tube as well as the slow release of the anti-clotting Heparine from the cotton thread inside the glass tube.

The capillaries consist of a glass tube and a aspiration tube.  The volume of the glass tube is such that enough sample blood can be collected to fulfill the minimum requirement of most common gas blood analyzers. The end is bend to allow better vision on the incision area. Inside the tube is a cotton thread impregnated with NA-Heparine. The capillary is also available in a version with a micron filter between the glass tube and the aspiration tube. 

15250 MBO / FBS Capillary

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15260 MBO / FBS Capillary with filter

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FBS Kits

The FBS kit consists of : amnioscope, obturator, light source, parrafin gel, incision blade with holder, swab sticks, gauzes, aluminium tray and sterile wrap. To be used for one patient. 

15270 MBO / FBS Kit

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15240 MBO / FBS Scalpel

Art. nr: 15240

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