The Quality Policy of IM Services B.V. has as objective to supply (sterile) medical devices to her customers that:

  • Do not create a health hazard in any form for the clinical condition or the safety of the patient nor for the professional user or any other person when applying the devices in the normal way of its intended use.
  • Meet or of possible exceed expectations of its customers.
  • Are monitored after sales by means of a systematic survey with a view to impose appropriate measures to improve the performance of the products if needed (Post Marketing Surveillance).

This policy is leading for all quality procedures applied by IM Services B.V.. IM Services B.V. has obtained the necessary ISO and CE certificates for all the (sterile) medical devices that are manufactured and sterilized under the responsibility of IM Services B.V.


The applicable CE certificates are:

CE Certificate 575680
ISO 13485 Certificate 2016 - 2019