Labware Glass

Under the brand name ReproMed® the IM Services glass ART/IVF products were developed right at the start of ART/IVF itself. Over the years these glass products have proven themselves over and over again and they still bring several unique features compared to plastics. Boroscilicate products are very clear, the material is inert towards its content, glass can be made very sharp when needed as in ICSI pipettes, and colored glass is regarded as a protection against UV influences. For these reasons and for its functionality our glass devices are already in use for decades in ART/IVF laboratories.  

1685 Pasteur Pipettes 15cm per 6 in blister

Art. nr: 1685

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1686 Pasteur Pipettes 23cm per 6 in blister

Art. nr: 1686

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1686A Pasteur Pipettes 23cm per 6

Art. nr: 1686A

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1681A OVUM pick-up set FLL 9cm

Art. nr: 1681A

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1682A OVUM pick-up set FLL 3cm

Art. nr: 1682A

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1670 Inspection Set

Art. nr: 1670

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1670A Inspection Set

Art. nr: 1670A

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1671 Embryo Handling set

Art. nr: 1671

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1671A Embryo Handling Set

Art. nr: 1671A

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1672 Insemination Set

Art. nr: 1672

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1673 Insemination Set

Art. nr: 1673

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Micro manipulation pipettes

The ICSI and Holding pipettes of IM Services BV are of excellent and constant quality. Due to digital video inspection of each product and due to applying the most advanced degree of automation in production the quality of each product is extremely constant in quality. Any type of ICSI and Holding pipette can be made upon request. The same applies to our biopsy pipettes. Each product is packed in a firm box for robust protection purposes. 

3130S ICSI pipette 30º with spike

Art. nr: 3130S

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3230HB Holding pipette, 30º

Art. nr: 3230HB

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1677 Follicle vials 20ml per 6 pcs

Art. nr: 1677

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1678 Follicle Vials 20 ml per 3

Art. nr: 1678

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