Cryo Preservation

CRYOTOP® is the worldwide leader in open systems for vitrification. New is the CRYOTOP® SC : closed system for storage.  

Cryotop is the special vitrification container consisting of a fine, thin film strip attached to a hard plastic handle for the minimum volume cooling to realize the highest cooling & warming rates resulting in over 90% post-thaw survival. The Cryotop method is simple, reliable, universal, safe and easy to use for anyone. The Cryotop method has been applied to more then 1.500.000 clinical cases for oocytes/embryos as cryopreservation method for the last 12 years with unbelievable excellent results in more then 70 countries (1.600 IVF centres). The Cryotop method is the most trustworthy cryopreservation method for oocytes and embryo's proved by the best survival rates, and created huge numbers of safe birth results. 

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113002 Petri Dish 15 x 60 mm Firm Grip

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113003 Petri Dish 15 x 60 mm Firm Grip per 10 pcs

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113010 Petri dish 90mm

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