IM Services B.V. offers a complete range of ART/IVF products. All intended for use in ART procedures. These product are used in various gyneacological procedures and are used by embryologists. The first group of products encompasses articles such as: IUI catheters, follicle aspiration sets, ET catheters and accessories such as specula, probe covers, needle guides and cable covers. The second group contains articles such as: vitrification articles of Kitazato®, denudation pipettes, ICSI/Holding pipettes, oocyte collection vials, mineral oil and many tubes, micro vials, culture flasks and pipettes. All intended for use in ART/IVF procedures.

All articles are subject to MEA and LAL testing. Depending on the intended use a sperm survival test is added. A batch related Certificate of Conformity is always available and can be downloaded on this website. For this function you need to submit an application.

Almost all ART/IVF articles have  IM Services B.V. as responsible manufacturer according to the Medical Devices Directive 93/44 (MDD) and are marketed under the registered brand name Repromed®.

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) catheters

The IUI catheters are used for insertion of prepared spermatozoa into the uterine cavity. The IUI catheters are available in various lenghts and various grades of rigidity. The opening of the IUI catheters is at the rounded tip. This allows the maximum aspiration of the spermatozoa from the bottom of the preparation tubes, espacially in those cases where there is a limited number of spermatozao available. In case of specific needs IM Services can customize the catheter. The products may only be used by adequately trained personnel in IUI procedures. 

1679 IUI catheter soft 13cm

Art. nr: 1679

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1693 IUI catheter soft 23cm

Art. nr: 1693

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1694 IUI Catheter soft 7,5cm

Art. nr: 1694

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1695 IUI catheter strong 13cm

Art. nr: 1695

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1696 IUI catheter strong 23cm

Art. nr: 1696

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Follicle Aspiration Needles

IM Services offers a range of premium quality single lumen oocyte recovery needle products. Double lumen needles of the brand Kitazato are available as well. The single lumen needles are available as a complete set with aspiration and vacuum lines, stopper, and optional with 3-way stopcocks for flushing purposes. Various handle types are available to cover different user preferences. Standard sizes are 16Ga and 17Ga, other diameters on request. The tubing lengths can be customized to fit the customers' needs in the most optimal way. 

1712 Follicle Aspiration Set 17G Flushing

Art. nr: 1712

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17380 Follicle aspiration set 17GA

Art. nr: 17380

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17399 Follicle aspiration set 17GA lancet

Art. nr: 17399

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IM Services provides already for many years mineral oil intended for use as overlay for ART/IVF procedures. This mineral oil (Paraffinum Perliquidium Ph. EUR) is very pure, filtered, tested for bacteria and funghi.  After MEA and endotoxin testing the oil is released for use in ART/IVF procedures. 

2910 Mineral Oil 500 ml

Art. nr: 2910

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