About RepromedĀ® / IM Services BV

IM Services B.V. is an independent manufacturing and trading company of disposable (sterile) medical devices established in 2003.

The main area of interest is Assisted Reproductive Technology. The history of this line of products dates back to the ’80-s when the ART/IVF products where introduced under the brand name Repromed®. In addition the assortment encompasses various specialized products for Fetal Blood Sampling (FBS).

Since 2008 IM Services BV acts as exclusive distributor of the complete range of Kitazato® in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The most well-known product range contains vitrification products under the name Cryotop. See also www.kitazato-dibimed.com.

In addition IM Services BV is distributor for OriGen Biomedical, producer of various types of CryoStore Bags and  Overwraps. See also www.origen.com.

As extra service IM Services BV offers its customers the option to download for each batch of products a Certificate of Conformity. To activate this option customers need to request a customer account which can easily be done on this website.